Experience the power of Phantom Edge

Phantom is a non-intrusive, AI @ Edge, AIoT based asset and energy monitoring solution. A powerful combination of sensors, software and services, Phantom is perfect for monitoring equipment status and metrics in real-time.

How it works?

The sensor device non-intrusively taps into the electrical supply of the asset to collect power signatures. An intelligent AI algorithm running at edge analyzes these signatures to provide key insights on asset level energy consumption and other relevant operational metrics. These metrics can then be used to optimize energy consumption, asset performance and user behavior leading to better performance, energy savings and continuous improvement.

Components of Phantom


Non-intrusive sensors for load monitoring


Patented AI algorithm for analysis of energy-consumption and critical operational parameters


Real-time data-monitoring and access with cloud anytime anywhere

User Interface

Interactive dashboards and benchmarking of energy consumption to optimize usage

Energy Monitoring

Get real-time granular energy consumption data at asset level. Compare assets, identify anomalies and drive behavioral change for energy saving.

Ideal for: Retail stores, Commercial spaces and Residential units

Connected Machines

Track productivity metrics like availability, part count, performance, quality, OEE, energy per part and more. Enable predictive maintenance, downtime reduction and automated reports for further analysis.

Ideal for: Manufacturing setups, Industrial production units and SMEs

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